Inau­gu­ra­ti­on of the
Thi­lo Keh­rer Cen­ter: A New Era of

The Thi­lo Keh­rer Foun­da­ti­on suc­cessful­ly rea­li­zed its first major pro­ject last year: the inau­gu­ra­ti­on of its cen­ter, the Thi­lo Keh­rer Center.

The Thi­lo Keh­rer Cen­ter is much more than just a phy­si­cal space; it is a living sym­bol of the posi­ti­ve impact we can have when we come tog­e­ther. Dri­ven by the belief that every indi­vi­du­al, regard­less of their cir­cum­s­tances, deser­ves equal oppor­tu­ni­ties and meaningful support.

Whe­ther through edu­ca­tio­nal pro­grams, cha­ri­ta­ble initia­ti­ves, or local part­ner­ships, the Thi­lo Keh­rer Cen­ter is com­mit­ted to being a cata­lyst for posi­ti­ve change.



The foundation
The foundation
Birth of the Thi­lo Keh­rer Aca­de­my Foot­ball Club

Wel­co­me to the Thi­lo Keh­rer Aca­de­my Club, an exci­ting new team born through the initia­ti­ve of the Thi­lo Keh­rer Foun­da­ti­on. More than just a team, it’s a com­mu­ni­ty woven by a pas­si­on for foot­ball and a com­mit­ment to sup­port­ing young talents.

Dri­ven by Thi­lo Kehrer’s gene­rous visi­on, our club offers more than just games on the field. We are deter­mi­ned to help young indi­vi­du­als grow, both in sports and personally.

We belie­ve in the power of foot­ball to inspi­re, unite, and chan­ge lives. Join us in this exci­ting adven­ture, whe­re a pas­si­on for the game and a desi­re to con­tri­bu­te to the com­mon good come tog­e­ther. Tog­e­ther, let’s wri­te a new chap­ter in the histo­ry of local foot­ball. Go Thi­lo Keh­rer Academy!

Other Pro­jects for the Year 2024

Our com­mit­ment to youth deve­lo­p­ment goes far bey­ond the play­ing field. In addi­ti­on to sup­port­ing our brand-new Foot­ball Club, the Foun­da­ti­on is gea­ring up to launch a series of ambi­tious pro­jects focu­sed on trai­ning and men­to­ring young individuals.

We firm­ly belie­ve that edu­ca­ti­on and ongo­ing sup­port are the keys to unlo­cking the excep­tio­nal poten­ti­al within each young per­son. By inves­t­ing in trai­ning and men­to­ring pro­jects, the Thi­lo Keh­rer Foun­da­ti­on aspi­res to be a dri­ving force that inspi­res, edu­ca­tes, and gui­des the next gene­ra­ti­on towards success.

Stay tun­ed for exci­ting announce­ments about our upco­ming pro­jects. Tog­e­ther, let’s crea­te a future whe­re every young per­son can reach new heights and achie­ve their dreams.



The foundation